NxG and “FLURI BOYS”, Share one target.

Rumors hold that the Popularly known Cameroonian superstars, “Jay Milly” and “Rich B” who together form the duo, “FLURI boys” are now in the lime light of having an agreement with the new upcoming record label, NxG. The boys who have being quite silent after the release of their hit “Thursday Night” are at the verge of doing it bigger this time.

The producer at NxG who co-incidentally happens to be the producer of this shock duo, DJ Vybz, wants to feature the two boys on a couple of new songs. “We have being gone for quite some time and we want to startle the nation again!”says vybz. It is unclear what they want to do, but one of our sources say they are having talks with the officials at NxG to do a video. What Video is it?? Is it “Thursday nite” finally? The terms and conditions of these talks are seriously held behind closed doors. Given these two parties seem to know themselves quiet well, talks and agreements will not be too long to meet conclusions. But one thing is for sure, talks are on-going, modeling agencies being contacted, and the names of some video directors seem to be slipping of. SHAMMAK one of the big names in the Cameroon music video directing is being called. Others like NS Pictures, Adrenaline and the newly upcoming ADAH and DR. Flames seem to be on the list.

There are still so many unanswered questions to what actually going down and what is in it for both parties. And It’s quite unsure about what song it will be and what other surprise will be forth Coming but one thing is for sure both parties look eagerly to work together and when you put these three guys together, it’s nothing less than a hit!!



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